The Retail stores are more of digital visualization and descriptive information. These designs are the visual store graphics that help the customers to know the brands and their products through displayed information.

A Signage is a key to Visual presentation and to get business by providing information about store, brands, customer services, help desk, new arrivals, price range and features of the products. It also guides the customers in right direction to reach their desired location or destination by simply following the displayed information.

Signs are any kind of visual graphics created to display information for targeted audience. They are designed in attractive and symbolic way to deliver clear message and be eye-catchy. They help the customers to recognize and identify the brands in most effective way.

Role of Signage in Store:

  • Signages helps the customer to locate the store easily and within no time when provided with proper informative.
  • It provides all necessary information about the store, from entrance to inside available products, to the products they are looking for in the absence of the respective staff, to price value and so on.
  • It also helps us to know the brands as per gender and categories available in store.
  • From entrance, it’s the sign board or the creative Brand board that attracts the customers into the store. As the retailer can’t afford to loose a single customer, the sign board helps the brand to pull in the customers into store.
  • A single glance at the sign board, let the customer decide if they have stepped into right store or not.
  • A sign board is an effective medium of communication between the retailers and the customers.
  • A sign board leaves a long impact by creating its unique identity and also by influencing customers buying decision.
  • It also helps you promote the products and offers displayed on signage helps you convert customer into purchasing it.
  • It’s time-consuming and convenient for customers to locate their destination
  • The Store exterior needs to be all the time eye-catching, fresh and upto-date as oppose to a direct competitor on the streets. Also it helps to lead your targeted customers in store and gets in the foot traffic through the door.
  • When someone stops at any particular brand to read a signage or shares it with a friend , you have got a better chance of them trying the product and making the sale.

There are 5 major elements in Visual merchandising that help the brands and Retail companies to create a long lasting influence on the customers:

  • Store Exterior/ Façade
  • Store Entrance/ Front
  • Store Interior
  • Interior Display/ Visual Merchandising
  • Informational Sign Boards

Importance of Safety Signage installation in Store:

All Companies are well planned with all secured and safety measures to be taken of their employees and the customers visiting the store. Safety signages in all the business represent an essential element for their health and the company safety policies.

Safety signages are very valuable at the workplace to ensure they are always being used properly and are known to it. Implementation of safety signages often require lot of reading, instructions to follow and learning on the part of the employees.

The value of safety signs depends on the ability to communicate most important safety messages in such a way that’s visually expressible, seeking attention and precise.

Signs can be used to highlight safe exit routes and the location of first aid kits, fire extinguishers and other equipment’s, to provide guidelines about hazardous situations and prohibited actions in certain area.

Lastly, Safety signs are designed offering more than just a warning, by ensuring the workers are working at the safest place and in effective way.

Not all the time will the trained staffs be immediate present or accessible to workers at the store who are seeking any help for safety purpose.

Legal Requirements of Sign Boards:

The sign boards are the legal requirements at any workplace to avoid any unsafety, hazardous & dangerous situations. They are mandatory at workplace for the safety of workers and walk in customers for guiding them with exit routes, first kid & fire extinguisher location.

These sign boards need to be visibly placed, clear, legal, informative and well maintained and to be used during the following circumstances:

  • To warn against dangerous and prohibited actions in a certain area
  • To highlight safeguards and procedures that must be followed, or equipment that must be worn
  • To direct people towards essential safety gear and fire safety exits.

While Installing, to be taken care of:

  • The Sign board should not block the entrance or the store interior for that matter.
  • It should be clearly visible from long distance as well, from the entrance of the store.
  • The sign board must have all the important information required to convey to the customers.
  • Do not provide too much information as it would mislead or confuse the customers and also not lead them in the right direction.
  • The sign board material like the printing & fabric quality should be high or premium as per budget too, to avoid creating bad image at the entrance.
  • The sign board should be clearly visible and attractive from distance and informative, like a word “Discount” plays a trick in inviting the customers at store.
  • The sign board should be designed in most unique and innovative way as per brand image for customers to way at store
  • It should have bold fonts where ever required keeping in mind the standards of the brand to be maintained.
  • Without fail, mentioning the applied terms and conditions with a “*” mark, applicable on the products at store level.
  • The information provided should be applicable and valid after checking with the on-going offers in the store, or else it could end with disputes between customers and the store.
  • The hygiene of the signages displayed should be taken care of on daily basis and to be well maintained knowing its not torn or damaged from anywhere, or even there is no dust visible to create bad image of the brand.
  • From perspective of a retailer the aspects like attention grabbing signage display, premium quality material used and cost-effective without exceeding the budget are aligned properly for an upcoming event to lead successful.
  • We also need to keep in mind, the brand requirements and standard guidelines to be followed without misleading the customer.


“Signage Design plays vital role in growing Business”


  1. Very interesting information.
    In addition to convenience for customers, it can also make customers comfortable …

    how to make a nice store board? can you make 1 more content about the example of a store board?

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